Storia incompiuta di Samu


It was the 5th of July 2020, when a little boy was born in a rackety, old house on a small island in Scotland. It was a rainy day and thunder was screaming and shouting through the night.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a lightning bolt struck the cottage. Unfortunately, the mother died. The child survived as well as his dad. It may seem sad but that lightning gave this special child a power, a magical power and this was, the ability to predict the future. His father decided to name him Bolb Bright and this is because he was struck by lightning and he was also a very clever.

Bolb, for the rest of his life, lived with his dad. His dad didn’t know either that Bolb had the power, so these two relatives of a family lived a normal life, except when Bolb got his milk from the cows instead of his mum! Then, it was time to go to  school where Bolb had a pretty nasty time. At the start it was quite good, he made friends who at the start nice, but  then came to bullies.

“Hey Tom! Do you know what I want to be when I’m ten?” asked Bolb.

“What?” shouted Tom.

“A kid who predicts the future!”

“Pa! Is that some kind of Joke? That’s ridiculous!” boasted Tom enthusiastically.

Bolb wasn’t very happy when he heard this and walked away.

“Well if I want to be a kid who can predict the future, then I can!” thought Bolb.

So Bolb walked off and sat on a nearby bench and watched all the children playing their brilliant games together.

Bolb wished in all his life that he could predict the future. “I will try!” whispered Bolb defiantly. Bolb stood up, closed his eyes and began to dream… TTTHRRRPPPPP! Bolb was suddenly transported to a magical world with smoke coming up from the earth like burning fire, flying up.

“Bolb, come here!” whispered a rather croaking voice.

“W…w..who’s there?” trembled Bolb.

“I can tell you what’s going to happen in the future. Because know, you are predicting the future!”

Bolb was so surprised he nearly fainted. He